Bedok policeman committed murder because of gay relationship?

The policeman accused of the Kovan double murders is alleged to be in gay affair with the younger victim, Tan Chee Heong, and could have killed because of passion.

According to Malaysian newspaper, The New Straits Times, Iskandar Rahmat, a 14 years veteran of the Singapore Police Force, could have been romantically involved with younger victim, Tan Chee Heong. Tan was stabbed and dragged to his death by a getaway vehicle driven by Iskandar.

Iskandar was an Investigating Officer at the Bedok Police Station holding the rank of Senior Staff Sergeant. At the time of the crime, he was removed from his position and facing disciplinary proceedings, as he was facing financial difficulties and domestic problems.

Iskandar, a former poster boy for the Singapore Police Force, was the investigating officer when the older victim, Tan Boon Sin, made a theft report at the Bedok Police Station in November 2012. He was later removed from the case but authorities did not shed any light on this matter or the exact relationship between the murder suspect and his victims.

During the press conference, Police Commissioner Ng Joo Hee said, "I cannot remember the last time a murder suspect was also a police officer. You may have seen this kind of thing depicted in the movies and on TV, but when it happens for real, it hits you like a freight train." He added, "When I was first told that the murder suspect could be one of our own, my initial reaction was disbelief, swiftly followed by anger and anguish."

Iskandar was arrested at a restaurant in Danga Bay, Johor, at 1130pm last night, after crossing into Malaysia  around 11pm on Wednesday night on a green colored Vespa scooter.  

Iskandar is not the first policeman to get into trouble recently. In August 2012, police superintendent Tan Wee Kiat was jailed 12 weeks for having paid sex with an under-18 years-old prostitute. Subsequently, CNB Director, Ng Boon Gay was acquitted for his sex-for-contracts case. In April 2013, Staff Sergeant Prathivan Ramaya, 32, was charged for getting sexual favours from an accused in return for leniency in the investigation of a theft case.     

If members of the police force are not able to abide by the law then how can Singaporeans trust them to enforce the law?    

Iskandar Rahmat, a former poster boy for the Singapore Police Force

Iskandar Rahmat, middle, being led away by police officers

New Straits Times report


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