Heroics of security guard could not prevent tragedy

About twenty cars blasted their horns, but the killer wasn't intending to stop as he was making his getaway. A security guard from a nearby mosque, jumped on his motorcycle, chased up to getaway car and hit the car forcefully trying to get the killer to stop.

Unfortunately, the motorcyclist heroics could not save the life of Tan Chee Heong. Apparently, Tan was dragged face down for more than 1 km. His face and head was very badly damaged with raw flesh showing while his eyes were wide open when he died.  Before Tan was ran over by the car, his suffered at least one stab wound to the neck .

Police have seized CCTV recordings installed at the house of the deceased and at the SPC petrol kiosk along the main road. They may have captured the gruesome murders.


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